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Homestead Manor Earns Status as Music & Memory Program Provider

Music and Memory is an internationally acclaimed training and certification program based on research in the fields of neurology, psychology, geriatrics, nursing, and general medicine. Over and over, studies are finding a deep connection between music and the brain. While concerts and sing-alongs are enjoyable, the music featured is broad. The impact of a personalized playlist combined with a personal music device (iPods), has great potential.

Using the same methods taught to our staff, researchers and other caregivers have witnessed increased levels of alertness and socialization, improved appetite and sleep patterns, decreased pain and agitation and many other benefits. We will be turning to families as well as residents to ensure that the music on an individual’s playlist is meaningful to them. We will also have the ability to include favorite old time radio shows, podcasts, and even personal messages from loved ones. No other senior care provider on the Shore offers this program – we are excited to be the first!

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